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Bannister Law is calling for consumers who purchased the Nurofen Specific Pain Range products (below) to sign up for the class action so they have the opportunity to be compensated.

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Thousands Claim Compensation For Misleading Nurofen Products

Misleading and Deceptive Products

Tension Headache

Nurofen Tension Headache ibuprofen lysine 342 mg tablet blister pack.

Back Pain

Nurofen Back Pain ibuprofen lysine 342 mg tablet blister pack.

Period Pain

Nurofen Period Pain ibuprofen lysine 342 mg tablet blister pack.

Migraine Pain

Nurofen Migraine Pain ibuprofen lysine 342 mg tablet blister pack.


Nurofen Customers Can Apply For Compensation

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What should I do if get injured in a Lyft ride share car accident?

Sometimes when you want to go comfort and have some form of soft life and just avoid the stress of a public ride then you should start thinking of Lyft. Many people have actually made it their fault routine to use Lyft to do things like go to work, or get to events or things if this sort but the major question many people ask and want answers to is What should I do if I get injured in a Lyft rideshare car accident?

The first thing you should do is call a firm like LSC Law Firm When you have an accident in a Lyft ride, you could get injured and this means medical bills and someone has to pay those bills and they are not supposed to be you. Some other issues might be, you were unable to go about your business or other planned events. As things get complicated you have to start looking for a lawyer who can be your front line to understand things and approach things the legal way.

What you should do when you get injured in a Lyft rideshare car accident.

1. Get information.

It’s true that you might be injured and no one can tell the degree you might be or are, but you must be able to get as much information about the whole event starting from when you ordered the ride to the accident. You need to know things like the time you ordered the ride, where you were going, your route, location of the accident, whose fault it was, your driver’s name, his address if possible, your personal Lyft insurance and many other relevant information that can be used by the company and your lawyer.

2. Take pictures

Take as many relevant pictures as you can for this event. This could also help your lawyers as well as lift rideshare. It could give insight on where the accident occurred, how bad it was and the environment at that time.

3. Get a lawyer

You need to understand how much your case is worth and if it is worth pushing through with. When you get involved in Lyft accident and you have an injury, they have insurance programs that take care of all these issues and some of these programs include up to one million dollars per accident when these accidents are covered by their insurance plans. Also, they have a 50 thousand dollars per person insurance plan for personal injury. This is the first and primary insurance plan when such occurrences take place. Sometimes these monies might not be enough or worse still another driver caused the accident and cannot be found, there are other insurance policies which cover all these criteria. You need to get a lawyer at this stage because you might not be strong enough to go through all these yourself and you might not even have the understanding to go through all of this alone. You need a professional lawyer to lead the way and fix all the damage that has been done under legal jurisdiction.


Understanding the value of your case

This Is very important and it can be anticipated that the ride companies might want to settle out of court if they can to cut the cost they might have to pay. You should consider getting a lawyer to tell you the real value of your case so you wouldn’t be cornered.

Consumer Protection Laws That You Should Know About

Our country has bestowed numerous rights upon us, and by all means, we need to follow them. These rights take centre stage when it comes to consumers and is meant to protect us from all kinds of measures raised by sellers. Towards the end, we need to see that these rights are followed and practised by individuals from all walks of life. For this purpose, we need to learn these rights and understand its purpose. So to educate you about the same, here are some consumer protection laws deemed to be important.

Warranties and Contracts

Most of the goods or items that you buy come with warranties. This tends to talk about the kind of purpose for the product, and that will function for the very same reason. In this manner, you need to look into two types of warranties, i.e. express warranty and implied warranty. The former tends to highlight a word from the seller, indicating that the product will perform the function up to a specific period. On the other hand, the latter tends to talk from a retailer perspective, indicating that the product will work for average measure and quality if it is being used for the same purpose it was bought for. On that note, you must get either of these indications on the products that you purchase.

The Breach of Warranty

At times, certain cases lead to a breach, and you need to be aware of the next move. Breach of contract is an avoidable activity that tends to be solved through replacement and other such measures. By all means, you have the right to do so. But of the seller restricts such practises, then you have all the right in the world to sue him/her.

Breach of Warranty

All About Scams

You may have heard numerous cases that indicate the occurrence of scams and how it goes on to a large extent. But there are specific measures that you follow to avoid these scams from taking place. When it comes to scams involving money, you need to note down the mode of transaction. Be it credit or debit card; you should have a clue or two about the same. Requesting a statement of your credit card once every 12 months or so is understandable and helps you keep a check.

Dealing with Scams

The best way to deal with scams is by quoting the powers granted by the law. Be it financial institutions or other such places; you have the right to access your reports and certify them at all costs. Based on the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), you are permitted to do so. With the help of crediting reporting agencies, you are avail these reports for free and verify.